Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cake anyone?? Fabric Cake!

I have a glass cake pedestal on my kitchen table. All during the holidays, I kept baked goods in it. It reminds me of my grandmothers house. But…lately, I haven’t really been baking, so its been sitting there empty. I wanted to make something to put in it as a filler until I actually bake something.
Originally I thought cupcakes….but I thought, I wanted something that was easier to “remove”…one thing is easier then many smaller things. So I came up with a cake!

Here is how to make one it:
(sorry if the photos look a little blurry, I resized them to upload faster,
I will be more careful with that next time)

I used the cover of my cake pedestal to trace my “cake frosting” fabric into a circle & cut it out.


I used my tape measure thingy to measure the circle and I cut a strip of matching fabric for the sides. I didn’t measure how wide I made it, I just decided on something I liked.


Then I cut a triangle piece out because I wanted it to look like a piece had been cut. You don’t have to do this, of course.

Then I started pinning the side fabric to the top/bottom fabric. Make sure right sides are all facing….just like your making a pillow. It’s a little trickier to pin around a curve….but its doable.

After it was all sewn, I cut the edges with my Pinking Shears…to sort of help it be less bulky when turned right side out. Its just like notching it. I read somewhere about using pinking shears instead, and I have been doing that since. I LOVE my Pinking Shears! It took me forever to find a pair to buy locally….since we don’t have a lot of craft supply sources.

I then cut some “cake” fabric about the same width as my side frosting fabric. I eyeballed it to the same length as the cut into the cake. Make sense? I then sewed each one on. See I left the part in the middle unsewn. Turn it right side out and that’s where you stuff it! Originally I was going to hand sew that part…but after it was stuffed, it seemed closed already, so I just ran a line of hot glue to secure it closed. This is just decoration, so I am not worried about it.

Then I hot glued my cake decorations! I tried the cover of my cake pedestal over my cake before decorating it, and it was a close fit. The cover kind of  angles in as it goes up. So I didn’t want to put a lot on the sides since it was already snug. I put some white ribbon for the frosting  inside the cake. Then I used some pink ric-rac around the top edge as a wavy frosting. Then I went to town gluing on a lot of pearl beads and a few flower buttons.

I had the triangle  pieces left over that I cut from the cake circles…so I decided to also make a piece of cake. So I cut a side piece and two cake pieces.

I sewed them together. First starting with sewing one cake side to the bottom (making sure all rights sides together like a pillow). Then the next cake side…then I added the frosting top.


I sewed the frosting side to the back end…on all 3 of the four sides. I sewed the triangle tip closed. Or you can leave the triangle tip open to stuff, your choice. I was thinking along the lines of….if when I close it, it turns out a little messier….where do I want that part to be.
Then I turned it right side out and stuffed it. I glued the opening shut. Then I decorated to match my cake.

Now its all DONE! Time to set it up.


It looks yummy!! Just like real cake! MMmmmm!


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LOVE this!! Such a great idea!! If you have a chance I'd love for you to come link up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings.

Fallan said...

Thanks Kristen! I checked it out and linked up!

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What a good idea!


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