Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cake anyone?? Fabric Cake!

I have a glass cake pedestal on my kitchen table. All during the holidays, I kept baked goods in it. It reminds me of my grandmothers house. But…lately, I haven’t really been baking, so its been sitting there empty. I wanted to make something to put in it as a filler until I actually bake something.
Originally I thought cupcakes….but I thought, I wanted something that was easier to “remove”…one thing is easier then many smaller things. So I came up with a cake!

Here is how to make one it:
(sorry if the photos look a little blurry, I resized them to upload faster,
I will be more careful with that next time)

I used the cover of my cake pedestal to trace my “cake frosting” fabric into a circle & cut it out.


I used my tape measure thingy to measure the circle and I cut a strip of matching fabric for the sides. I didn’t measure how wide I made it, I just decided on something I liked.


Then I cut a triangle piece out because I wanted it to look like a piece had been cut. You don’t have to do this, of course.

Then I started pinning the side fabric to the top/bottom fabric. Make sure right sides are all facing….just like your making a pillow. It’s a little trickier to pin around a curve….but its doable.

After it was all sewn, I cut the edges with my Pinking Shears…to sort of help it be less bulky when turned right side out. Its just like notching it. I read somewhere about using pinking shears instead, and I have been doing that since. I LOVE my Pinking Shears! It took me forever to find a pair to buy locally….since we don’t have a lot of craft supply sources.

I then cut some “cake” fabric about the same width as my side frosting fabric. I eyeballed it to the same length as the cut into the cake. Make sense? I then sewed each one on. See I left the part in the middle unsewn. Turn it right side out and that’s where you stuff it! Originally I was going to hand sew that part…but after it was stuffed, it seemed closed already, so I just ran a line of hot glue to secure it closed. This is just decoration, so I am not worried about it.

Then I hot glued my cake decorations! I tried the cover of my cake pedestal over my cake before decorating it, and it was a close fit. The cover kind of  angles in as it goes up. So I didn’t want to put a lot on the sides since it was already snug. I put some white ribbon for the frosting  inside the cake. Then I used some pink ric-rac around the top edge as a wavy frosting. Then I went to town gluing on a lot of pearl beads and a few flower buttons.

I had the triangle  pieces left over that I cut from the cake circles…so I decided to also make a piece of cake. So I cut a side piece and two cake pieces.

I sewed them together. First starting with sewing one cake side to the bottom (making sure all rights sides together like a pillow). Then the next cake side…then I added the frosting top.


I sewed the frosting side to the back end…on all 3 of the four sides. I sewed the triangle tip closed. Or you can leave the triangle tip open to stuff, your choice. I was thinking along the lines of….if when I close it, it turns out a little messier….where do I want that part to be.
Then I turned it right side out and stuffed it. I glued the opening shut. Then I decorated to match my cake.

Now its all DONE! Time to set it up.


It looks yummy!! Just like real cake! MMmmmm!


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Wooden Alphbet Blocks!

Last weekend I had a First Birthday part to attend. 
I had wanted to make him a gift, especially since Christmas has come and gone and his mom (my friend) said he had plenty of toys and didn't really need anything. Now...knowing that my friend is the natural, recycling, organic type, I thought making a gift that would last...out of say, opposed to something plastic. 

So I decided on some Wooden Alphabet Blocks!
If I had kids, I would totally want something like this!

So I spent some time off and on within a week to work on these. I might of got them done faster if it weren't for all the trial and error I went through.


I used a 2X2 piece of work from Lowes. I had my husband cut it into 26 blocks.
(We live in an appt and all we can really use is a hand saw. I cut one and that was the end of that!
He did the rest.)

Before he cut the blocks, I thought I was smart and pretcut all the colored paper squares (scrapbook paper) on my Cricut 2inches. Well...........make sure you double check the measurments because, even though the wood was labeled 2"X2" was def. 1 1/2"X1 1/2"........the label lied! 
So all the paper squares were too big! So I had to cut each one smaller......rrrghhh.
Anyway....I also cut my letters and shapes earlier too....but those still fit, barely...but they fit. 

So after everything was cut, I sanded the blocks then I just Mod Podged everything onto them, and sanded the edges again and did another coat of Mod Podge.

Originally I wanted to make a fabric basket....but you know how when you want to work on something on your sewing machine and its late at night and it needs to be done for the next afternoon and you sewing machine just wanted to keep jamming the thread....yaaaa.....thats what kept happening. Lots of unappropriate words were coming out of my mouth. Sooooo.....I ended up just putting it in a basket. I used a little fabric to kind of line it...and of course, since I couldn't sew anything, I used Stich Wictchery stuff and irons the edged and used some grommets to tie it all together.



Here they are! All piled up!
Not too shabby. Pretty cute actually.
They also seemed to be a hit at the Birthday Party. Just the right size to grab, throw, crawl with and stack.



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Monogrammed Soap Dispenser

So I have been wanting something fancier for a soap dispenser in my bathroom.
I have also been seeing people do little makeovers of bottles....AND I have been wanting to do more vinyl projects, so....put the two together and BOOM....this is what I came up with!


I bought this ceremic-ish soap dispenser for like $2 at a local surplus store. I like the netrual color to it (because I always thing that way...I like to change things too often!)
But....I did not like the image on it. Its alright...but not what I wanted, but the price was right!
This is the front.


This is the back. It says No 349 or something like that. I am going to use this side, since there is less to cover.
I went to my Cricut cartridges and looked to see what I could put on there. I decided I just wanted a monogram of our last name with some sort of frame around it.


So that is what I did!
I cut it out of black vinyl. Stuck it on like a sticker. Made sure to cover the No 349 thingy on the back. 
PERFECT! So freakin easy! And QUICK!
And it looks so much better in my bathroom then the generic soap bottles that I normally have. Now I need to pick up a couple more for my kitchen and my other bathroom.

If you dont have a Cricut or anything thing that does that sort of thing, either cut by hand with an exacto knife, or...I am sure decals and stickers would work too!


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Decor/Craft Room

I know I have been far and few in between lately with my posts. I'm SORRY!
But After Christmas, I was so burnt out with crafts that I had no ambition to make anything for a few weeks. Then....if I wanted to make something, my craft room was such a mess, that I couldn't even motivate myself to do anything about it. UNTIL...this week!
Monday I was in the mood to rearrange my craft room and pick up the floor. I had empty boxes and fabric laying everywhere. Piles of "stuff" just everywhere!
So here is my craft room now.
Its not comepletly done. (when will it ever be?!) But its much more organized. 
I have a computer desk. My "Cricut desk", my sewing desk, and a fabric cutting table, AND I was able to actually open and use my new ironing board! 


This isn't the best photo, but I was trying to get most of the room in just one photo, for now.
Then after I rearranged, I was in the mood to make a couple things. I made a new table runner and a Winter wreath.


I made my table runner reversible! I have been on a table runner kick, lately. I am hoping to have a different one for each season and/or holiday. 
Its nothing fancy. But I experimented with cutting fabric on my Cricut. I cut some snowflakes for my Winter side, and some hearts for my Valentines Day side. I didn't put any batting in it or anything...and didn't do any quilting. I like having it thin. I helps the things I put on top of it stand more stable.
Maybe I will get a photo of it in action sometime.

 Here is my new Winter Wreath! I LOVE it!
I wanted to make a wreath and had no idea how I was going to go about it.
(I have also been on a wreath kick too!)
So when I was cleaning through my craft room, I came across these pewter glittered snowflake stickers that I bought at the dollar store before Christmas. So I cut some circles from my Cricut and cut out the word Winter. Glued everything together and glued them on a already painted white grapevine wreath that I got at the thrift store.
Simple, Simple, Simple!
I like the white and silvery/gray look.

Well, thats it for now. I'll post more soon.

Eventually I would like to do a little more on my blog such as featuring things I have seen on other craft blogs and eventually some giveaways. I am trying to wait until I have a few more followers. 
So if you like my blog, please become a follower
and show it to your friends!



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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Photo Blog!

So I started another blog. Its actually my niece's and mine. 

It's a Photo Blog, called Shutter Crazy! We had some photo projects we want to work on and we wanted a place to display voila, a new blog! 

Happy New Year!



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