Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wooden Alphbet Blocks!

Last weekend I had a First Birthday part to attend. 
I had wanted to make him a gift, especially since Christmas has come and gone and his mom (my friend) said he had plenty of toys and didn't really need anything. Now...knowing that my friend is the natural, recycling, organic type, I thought making a gift that would last...out of say, opposed to something plastic. 

So I decided on some Wooden Alphabet Blocks!
If I had kids, I would totally want something like this!

So I spent some time off and on within a week to work on these. I might of got them done faster if it weren't for all the trial and error I went through.


I used a 2X2 piece of work from Lowes. I had my husband cut it into 26 blocks.
(We live in an appt and all we can really use is a hand saw. I cut one and that was the end of that!
He did the rest.)

Before he cut the blocks, I thought I was smart and pretcut all the colored paper squares (scrapbook paper) on my Cricut 2inches. Well...........make sure you double check the measurments because, even though the wood was labeled 2"X2" was def. 1 1/2"X1 1/2"........the label lied! 
So all the paper squares were too big! So I had to cut each one smaller......rrrghhh.
Anyway....I also cut my letters and shapes earlier too....but those still fit, barely...but they fit. 

So after everything was cut, I sanded the blocks then I just Mod Podged everything onto them, and sanded the edges again and did another coat of Mod Podge.

Originally I wanted to make a fabric basket....but you know how when you want to work on something on your sewing machine and its late at night and it needs to be done for the next afternoon and you sewing machine just wanted to keep jamming the thread....yaaaa.....thats what kept happening. Lots of unappropriate words were coming out of my mouth. Sooooo.....I ended up just putting it in a basket. I used a little fabric to kind of line it...and of course, since I couldn't sew anything, I used Stich Wictchery stuff and irons the edged and used some grommets to tie it all together.



Here they are! All piled up!
Not too shabby. Pretty cute actually.
They also seemed to be a hit at the Birthday Party. Just the right size to grab, throw, crawl with and stack.



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Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

These are adorable!!

Alisha said...

I did a project REALLY similar for my son for his birthday. Great minds think alike:) I enjoyed reading your post because I had the same realization about 2x2s not being 2 inches. Anyway, good job. My blocks didn't show any wood through, and I like what that adds to yours.

Fallan said...

Oh really?! Did you paint yours? I had thought about doing that, but was trying to think what would be a little quicker. I think now, that it probably would of taken the same amount of time.

Fallan said...

Thanks Tammy!


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