Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilted Wall Hanging

I made this Quilted Wall Hanging for my Mom for her birthday
This is the first Quilted Wall Hanging I have ever made...plus...I don't have much experience quilting, period. But this was fun! It was like a puzzle...trying to figure out what I was going to do next.


Before I explain what I did...here it is hanging. Since this is a gift for my mom, I just used some pushpins. But I did put a couple loops in the back to hang it on a curtain rod screwed into the wall. But...I wasn't going to put that up...that would just make me want to keep it all to myself even MORE! It turned out so cute! I may have to make another....maybe....maybe.

Anyway....The fabric is all flannel except for the backing/binding. It was pre-cut squares 9X11...kind of an odd size, so I cut them down to be 9X9. Then I used those strips I cut off, and sewed them together and cut them to make the checked border. My printer doesn't want to work, so I couldn't print the photos right on fabric...so I had some vinyl and decided to make pockets. Well....let me tell you....there isn't much online about sewing vinyl pockets on a quilted wall hanging. Theres info about sewing vinyl pockets...but not on a quilted hanging. So I was stuck trying to figure out how to cover up the seams....Hmmm. I also cut each pocket to fit my photos...but they are removable, so my mom can change them out if she'd like. 
*A trick to sew vinyl....cover it with tissue paper...
makes it SO easy to sew.*
I ended up hot gluing ribbon over the seams of the pockets. I did this near the end, when I had everything else done. For the backing...I just used a solid fabric and did the 'mock binding'....I read this in a quilting book, so the binding is actually the backing fabric folded to the front. Oh ya...I also tacked it instead of machine quilting. I also appliqued the word FAMILY at the top and did a couple flowers too! That was fun! I also don't have much experience with appliqueing either. 

Now I will show you more detailed photos (sorta)!!



Top Half


Bottom Half

I also glued buttons on the corners of photos. 
My mom was VERY happy with it....she kept saying it was Awesome! She wanted to bring it to work to show the girls before she hung it up.

I am submitting this for the Frames, Art, Wall Decor Challenge at The CSI Project


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Office Tissue Box Holder

Here is my project for the Dollar Store Challenge through The CSI Project!

I had this project in mind when I saw an idea for it in the 
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine 
"100 Decorating Ideas for Under $100"

Here is my inspiration:

Originally, I looked everywhere for a tissue box cover for me to...decorate, but I found nothing. So I figured I could make something out of Foam Board (you can make ANYTHING...just about, out of foam board).
Thats when I realized this would be the perfect Dollar Store Project. Everything either comes from the dollar store or was something I already had. Good thing the Dollar Store is right across the street from me! I probably spent $5 there to gather some of my materials.


I am making this as a gift for my sister who has an office job and likes to decorate her space. Shes got kind of a shabby chic style....so I chose scrapbook papers that were that kind of style. This project came together as I worked on it.

 I started by measuring and cutting the foam board.

Then I did the same with the paper I chose. I Modge-Podged and Hot Glued away....I also distressed the edges a bit.

Here are some of the things I got at the dollar store that I wanted to add to the tissue box. My sister is a Post-It freeeeeak! So I made sure there was plenty of that! I also added Velcro to the backs of things, so that when things ran out, they could be replaced.


It fits perfectly!
It needed a little something....details of course!
I added some flowers...and I also glued flowers to some clips. I also glued rhinestones to the tops of Push Pins....to make it all a little more fancy, I guess! haha.....I also added some ribbon to the edges I wasn't able to cover with paper. I had glue ALL over my hands!



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