Monday, June 14, 2010

Office Tissue Box Holder

Here is my project for the Dollar Store Challenge through The CSI Project!

I had this project in mind when I saw an idea for it in the 
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine 
"100 Decorating Ideas for Under $100"

Here is my inspiration:

Originally, I looked everywhere for a tissue box cover for me to...decorate, but I found nothing. So I figured I could make something out of Foam Board (you can make ANYTHING...just about, out of foam board).
Thats when I realized this would be the perfect Dollar Store Project. Everything either comes from the dollar store or was something I already had. Good thing the Dollar Store is right across the street from me! I probably spent $5 there to gather some of my materials.


I am making this as a gift for my sister who has an office job and likes to decorate her space. Shes got kind of a shabby chic I chose scrapbook papers that were that kind of style. This project came together as I worked on it.

 I started by measuring and cutting the foam board.

Then I did the same with the paper I chose. I Modge-Podged and Hot Glued away....I also distressed the edges a bit.

Here are some of the things I got at the dollar store that I wanted to add to the tissue box. My sister is a Post-It freeeeeak! So I made sure there was plenty of that! I also added Velcro to the backs of things, so that when things ran out, they could be replaced.


It fits perfectly!
It needed a little something....details of course!
I added some flowers...and I also glued flowers to some clips. I also glued rhinestones to the tops of Push make it all a little more fancy, I guess! haha.....I also added some ribbon to the edges I wasn't able to cover with paper. I had glue ALL over my hands!




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Cassie said...

I love this!!!!
What a fabulous idea!!!!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Oh my word that is brilliant. Perfect for an office cubicle and probably saves desktop space with all the stuff on the side.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I like your version better. Turned out great. I would never have had the patience to make my own. I wish I lived right across the street from Dollar Tree. Then again, maybe I don't. I would totally be broke if I did. Even at $1.00 an item, it can add real quick there.

Fallan said...

Thanks! I think it will save a little space on her desk. As for living across the street from the dollar has its ups and downs! haha....I do run over there quite often. Ya know...they have everything! It is very convenient when I am working on a project, and need something.

Green Willow Pond said...

Now that is the cutest tissue holder I have ever seen. Beautiful and functional...two of my favorite things! said...

Great idea! Everyone has a box of tissues on their desk -- why not have it multi-task too. Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link. I hope you'll come join my link party some time.

Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

Love it! I saw that in the magazine too and thought it was a very clever way to maximize desk space by combining lots of the essentials, and it doesn't hurt that it's adorable to boot! :) Best of luck to you in the CSI challenge. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Charlene said...

Awesome -- Love this idea, gonna make one for sure!

Megan said...

Fabulous idea! I love items that have more than one function. I guess it's kind of hipocritical that I don't own a pocket knife...but I digress. Great job on the Kleenex box of my dreams!

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

Love this!! I'm following!!


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