Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Decor/Craft Room

I know I have been far and few in between lately with my posts. I'm SORRY!
But After Christmas, I was so burnt out with crafts that I had no ambition to make anything for a few weeks. Then....if I wanted to make something, my craft room was such a mess, that I couldn't even motivate myself to do anything about it. UNTIL...this week!
Monday I was in the mood to rearrange my craft room and pick up the floor. I had empty boxes and fabric laying everywhere. Piles of "stuff" just everywhere!
So here is my craft room now.
Its not comepletly done. (when will it ever be?!) But its much more organized. 
I have a computer desk. My "Cricut desk", my sewing desk, and a fabric cutting table, AND I was able to actually open and use my new ironing board! 


This isn't the best photo, but I was trying to get most of the room in just one photo, for now.
Then after I rearranged, I was in the mood to make a couple things. I made a new table runner and a Winter wreath.


I made my table runner reversible! I have been on a table runner kick, lately. I am hoping to have a different one for each season and/or holiday. 
Its nothing fancy. But I experimented with cutting fabric on my Cricut. I cut some snowflakes for my Winter side, and some hearts for my Valentines Day side. I didn't put any batting in it or anything...and didn't do any quilting. I like having it thin. I helps the things I put on top of it stand more stable.
Maybe I will get a photo of it in action sometime.

 Here is my new Winter Wreath! I LOVE it!
I wanted to make a wreath and had no idea how I was going to go about it.
(I have also been on a wreath kick too!)
So when I was cleaning through my craft room, I came across these pewter glittered snowflake stickers that I bought at the dollar store before Christmas. So I cut some circles from my Cricut and cut out the word Winter. Glued everything together and glued them on a already painted white grapevine wreath that I got at the thrift store.
Simple, Simple, Simple!
I like the white and silvery/gray look.

Well, thats it for now. I'll post more soon.

Eventually I would like to do a little more on my blog such as featuring things I have seen on other craft blogs and eventually some giveaways. I am trying to wait until I have a few more followers. 
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Deidra said...

Your craft room is fabulous!
I also felt the post-Christmas burnout. Your table runners are awesome. They definitely help make a home feel more festive! And winter/Valentine reversible is a genius idea! :)

Fallan said...

Thanks Deidra! I am def. feeling more in the crafy mood. Too bad I have to work...maybe I will create something else this weekend.

Michelle said...

Im jealous of your craft room! I LOVE those table runners!

Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower!

- Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

Anonymous said...

That winter wreath is so adorable!


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