Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pillow & Coffee Sign

I know I know, I need to post more often! The thing is, I work on things, and then take photos of them, it just takes me forEVER to get around to writing a post for it. I know, I'm a slacker.
But as least I am posting!

So here is what I got new....


Here is a pillow I made for a friend/client of mine. She cleaned out her craft room and had given me a bunch of fabric, plus she let me borrow quite a few of her Cricut Cartridges (which is really awesome of her!). So I wanted to make her a little something.

I made her this little FAMILY pillow.

I love the colors I used. It turned out pretty cute I think. Another friend of mine had done a lot of the embroidery pillows as Christmas gifts this past year, and so I wanted to try it.

Another project I worked on was a Coffee Sign. I kept seeing these simple cheap Coffee Signs at different stores....and I kept wanting to buy one, but then I would tell myself....
" have stuff to make something like that and it'll be free!" 
See...I sorta, kinda like to shop...and I like just about any excuse to buy something fun. But...if its something that I could make, I am trying to make an effort, to just try and make it and not waste my money. SOooo.....thats what I did!

My mom had given me a bunch of craft supplies, and in it were a few of these wooden plaques. 
So I painted the top a beigey kind of color. Painted the border reddish, and used a black sharpie (!) for the actual edge. Then I went on my Cricut and looked for a coffee mug. I cut that with brown vinyl, and cut the word Coffee in black vinyl. I am still having a hard time gauging actual size of things...I kinda of wanted the Coffee word a little bigger, but it works. Then it needed something I painted some swirls, which made it MUCH better! Then I hot glued a wire loop on the back to hang it. 
This was a pretty quick project. =) 
(My kind of project!)



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