Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Such a great word.
Right to the point.
I now have this word on the wall in my craft room.


 See, right above my window in that weird space that is empty
but not big enough for certain things and its really high.


I actually STARTED this project a million years ago. 
I cut the letters out first....out of chipboard/cardboard like material. Its thin. Like a cereal box. I had a stack of them, and not even sure where I got them. Probably my mom, since she is always giving me random craft supplies, that I take forever to even touch.

So anyway...I cut the cardboard letters out...and then they sat there forever before I decided to finish them. Seriously, at least a year they waited to be finished!

So I finally dug out some scrapbook paper and traced the letters BACKWARDS on the back of the paper....cut them out and glued them.
Then stuck them to the walls with that gummy tacky poster stuff.

Thats it.



Deidra said...

So pretty!
I did something like that for my kid's names on the wall. Except I used actual cereal boxes. And shiny wrapping paper.

Fallan said...

Cool! And I am sure they turned out great! You can pretty much put any word on the wall!


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