Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Jewelry!!

Here is some jewelry that I have made in the past few days!!


Here is a necklace made with a strip of fabric and some big wooden beads and a piece of ribbon. I have been seeing these all over the place, and wanted to try to make one myself. Not too bad if I say so myself. I think I'm going to wear this one today!


I have also seen these necklaces EVERYWHERE! So I tried this one also. Instead of weaving between every bead, I went every other. Cute, Cute!


I've also seen a lot of these bangles. So I made some for myself and the girls at work. I think they might likeeee these! I glued some mini pearls to them to add a little something extra.
I can't remember where I saw this idea....I have so many blogs bookmarked and followed. When I find the link, I will add it. =)
Anyway, it's lunch time, then off to work!! Going to bring the girls their goodies.



Shawn said...

Those necklaces are so cute! How did you make the one with fabric and beads?! I would love to make that one!

Fallan said...

Thanks Shawn! I kind of winged this as making it. All I did was make a tube out of a strip of fabric (maybe 2-3 inches wide after sewing)....turn it right side out. Any length you really want. I made my longer, then cut it. I then started about 6 or so inches in, and made a knot, then slid a big wooden bead inside the fabric tube up to the knot, and then made another knot after it. I continued with about 8 beads in all(knots in between them all). I cut excess fabric off the end so both ends were kind of even. Then I cut 2 pieces of ribbon the same length, and rolled one end of the fabric in (as if hemming it), and tucked the ribbon end in, and sewed it shut. Did the same to the other side, and then tied the ribbon ends together in a bow.
Does that make sense? I found different versions of these online. Some tied knots in between, and some didn't and instead tied a piece of embroidery thread in between each bead. I preferred the knots. Let me know how it goes for you! =)


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