Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buttons, BuTtOnS, BUTTONS!!

BUTTONS!! Who loves buttons?? I do! I DO!! (I'm such a weirdo) Such a funny word....buttons....BUTTonssss....buttONS....haha.....anyway.
I have been collecting and playing with buttons....since I was little. I used to like going through my moms button containers and making a game out of sorting them. Haha...kinda pathetic for a kid, but hey...they fascinated me!

So....even though my collection isn't that large....I do like collecting them and sorting them buy color family. Makes it easier to find what I want later. I just acquired a jar of buttons. So...time to start SORTING!!

 Where do you guys get your buttons? I have a hard time finding interesting ones....We don't really have any craft stores around. I have to rely on Walmart and Marden's (a surplus store). (thats why I don't have a lot)



Deidra said...

OMG awesome. I love buttons. I love sorting. I definitely spend more time sorting crafty stuff than actually making stuff...
When I was in Girl Scouts, we found big jars of buttons at the Good Sam at Holy Rosary.

Fallan said...

Yea I do too....I spend a lot of time trying to find better ways to organize things. I just bought some mason jars and reorganized my buttons across my desk, and then put pens, pencils, scissors, etc. in other jars next to them. I need to take a photo of that....looks....very organized!

Deidra said...

I tried jars, too! But they're all various sizes and most have narrow openings. But I do have 2 cases of Mason jars Nathan bought.. and isn't using... But I don't have enough table/shelf space to put them anyway.


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