Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time to accessorize your hair!

So here is something I worked on earlier this week.
I made some headbands that I got the idea for from a tutorial by guest Blogger Disney from Ruffles And Stuff on the U Create blog. I just had to try it. I love headbands, but have a hard time finding ones that are comfortable! I hate it when they're tight and you end up with a headache later. So this way, by making my own, I can make them as loose or tight as I wanted.

I made one in blacks and one in browns for everyday use for me. Then I made a pink/brown one for my neice, Kayla, who is 15. I used ribbon, hair elastics, fabric glue, felt, scrap material, and buttons. They were fairly quick to make, and I like quick!


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