Sunday, April 04, 2010

Camera Strap Tutorial

I've been wanting to make myself a camera strap for a while now. I have seen different version online, but I decided to just whip up my own, the way I wanted it to be. My husband uses this camera also, so I wanted to be able to easily remove the strap, just in case he doesn't feel like showing off the girly strap! So I decided Velcro would probably be the easiest.

You will need some pretty fabric, thread, sewing machine, a little batting, some Velcro, and I used some fabric glue (though you don't need it).

I am not much of a pattern follower (sometimes I do follow one, but I do a lot of eyeballing, hehe) , I tend to just make things up as I go along. I first measure my strap. It is 20-1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. So I cut my fabric 20 inches long plus 1 inch for a half inch seam allowance on each end. I then cut it about 6 inches wide. 2 inches for front, back and Velcro flap. I then started hemming all the sides.

It should look something like this. Now I didn't end up making another ones of these, but you probably should to cover the batting. I figure that out along the way, but I improvised.

I used scrap batting and laying them out on my "strap". I trimmed it so that it didn't go past the hems.

I then "quilted" it. You can run your lines anyway you like. I felt like making them diagonal.

This is the back after I finished "quilting" it.

I then realized that I needed a backing to my batting. Like I said, I improvised and just made a strip for where the Velcro needed to be. All my supplies were things I had on hand. So I had adhesive Velcro squares, and so I reinforced them with fabric glue. If they start to come off, I can always sew through them later.

This is the glue I used, its Beacon Adhesives FABRI-TAC. (I am not associated with them in any way) This is a really strong fabric glue!! I got to say I am really pleased with it. I found it at Walmart.

This is my strap Velcro-ed together.

The back.

All DONE! It took me about, 45 minutes to whip up. I did this before I went into work this morning!! So happy with it!!!! =) Let me know if you tried making one. Show me what it looks like.

*Showing it off*

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