Thursday, May 06, 2010

My first real bag...

So I was shopping for fabric a couple weeks ago with my mom, and we were going through the remnant bin @ Walmart, and she found this striped fabric. She decided to buy me a few rolls of it if I made her something with it. She thought it would make a nice bag. So I waited a few days before I tackled this project. I asked her what style she would like over the phone...and I even asked...long strap...short strap?? She told me..."ohhh, I'm not sure...just leave me some holes and I'll attach something to it later." I think she was trying to make it as simple as possible for me. So....I challenged myself. I whipped up this bag....with no pattern what-so-ever. It was like working on a puzzle....making sure the pieces would fit. Get this!...I didn't even measure!! I eyeballed everything. Except for the strap...I measured a strap from another bag....just so I had an idea of how long to make it. 

And this is how it turned out! Not too BAD!


I made a matching coin purse. I added a flower pin (more on that later). I made the strap ADJUSTABLE (oh ya!)...and added a little...slid-able cushion thingy on the strap (not quite sure what it's really called). I also made a matching fabric button...and I added a liner inside with a zipper pocket and 2 other open pockets.


Like my vintage dress form?!  With the 80's Prom Queen sash...and a little of everything else thrown on it!! HA!


My BIGGEST challenge was finding some D rings or tri-glide rings....All I could find were rectangle rings......which were good....but I still needed the one with the middle bar in I MADE one! Yea....I freaking made one....which some wire. That's it up there ^....whatcha think? Not too bad for improvising....and it holds up really well, AND you don't even see the wire when its on the strap.


Now for the flower....I found a tutorial for this flower on V and Co. She used ribbon....and I decided to try my fabric. I put it on a pin so it can come off.


Here is the inside....another fabric my mom had liked. I think my husband was a little impressed when I showed him the finished product!! (yay me!)


Here is a close up of the strap and cushion thingy.


Another close up...
I am quite happy with the way it turned out....annnnd I am SO glad everything fit together!
I think my mom will be surprised! =D
I also think........I feel like making another bag....but a different style. Hmmm....



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Sherrie said...

This turned out really great! Nice job! Love that fabric. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Crochet Stuff

Fallan said...

Thanks Sherrie!

Fawnda said...

Great job! I love the fabric!

j. said...

You are a Bag Genius! : )

Fallan said...

Thanks Fawnda & J!
My mom ended up loving it! So didn't all the girls at work, when I showed it to them.


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