Monday, May 31, 2010

Bathroom Vanity!

Here is my bathroom. 
This is my vanity. 
I made it. =) 
All by myself!

Let me explain.........
First off, I live in an apartment, I have two bathrooms, and this is the one that I get ready for my day in. One day, I was tired of trekking all of my 'beauty things' to the bathroom sink to get ready while looking in a mirror that must of been installed by someone tall (so you only see from the chin up and a lot of space above your head). Plus....I wanted to SIT
So one day...I decided I wanted my very own lil' Vanity. So off I went to Lowes shopping with my husband. I picked up 3 pieces of wood. I got the top piece a little bigger than the other two. I sawed off a portion off the two legs (yea...I used a hand saw!...that was tiring....and I did it in my apartment on newspaper).  Then I nailed the top to the two legs. That was a little tricky....I balanced part of it on my kitchen table to help me. I did this all while my husband was at work. Then when my husband came home...he told me to use the scrap pieces of wood for support under the vanity (you'll be able to see in another photo....hold oooon!) Then I painted it with left over wall paint...a sage-y green. 
I bought some hooks because I had something in mind for my styling tools. I am a hairstylist, so I knew I really wanted something to hold my blow dryer, like at work. I could of ordered something special...but I was like....'Nahhhh....I'll improvise'. So I ended up buying some big hooks and this plastic white thingy used for supporting plastic pipes (something like that, I know, technical, huh?!) I held my blow dryer where I wanted it to sit at the angle I wanted it, and then figured out where to screw everything in. Under my vanity I put a nail to hang up a hand mirror, since I use those a lot to look at the back of my hair.
Then...I bought a mirror to hang up. I made a little curtain to "hide" things underneath. Hey, I have a lot of beauty stuff! I also pinned a piece of ribbon along since my mirror and clipped all my hair flowers to it. I also got a desk lamp with a clip.

Now onto more photos!


Here is the underneath. Scary stuff! I put things that I don't use AS often. Also I have a power strip with everything plugged in. Then since I don't have an outlet on one of those walls, I have my power strip plugged into an extension cord, that I plug into the outlet above my sink when I need to. Then when I am done, I just unplug the extension cord and toss it under the Vanity.


Here is my hand mirror, and one of those 'supporting' pieces. I have a few containers with hair accessories and extra styling tools. My curtain is held up by a piece of ribbon and I used furniture nails to hold each side in place. I also put one in the middle under the vanity top.


Here are my flowers all hanging.

I made myself a little bangle holder (I'll post details about that in another post) and I also have little clay lover birds that I made with our names on them.


Now the Piece de Resistance!
My tool holders! Isn't it beautiful?!! Let me tell you....reeeeeal handy.


Here are all the hooks without my tools. Nifty, huh??
Well, I love my Vanity! I use it everyday...sometimes the top can get a bit messy...but owell.


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Kelli @ RTSM said...

That looks great! I love the hooks on the side for you hairdryer and stuff. I need something like that...mine just sit on the shelf by my sink.

Julie said...

That's so impressive! Great work!

Amanda said...

Awesome job! I did a "vanity" redo for CSI this week too -- #10. I wish I had seen your tool holder idea before -- I LOVE them! :)

Alyssa said...

I love your tool hooks. Smart idea!
Great job doing this on your own...


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is such a clever and creative project. Well done!

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Fabulous project. I love the tool hooks.

Fallan said...

Thanks everyone!

The tool hooks are what makes it. It keeps my tools organized and in a handy place for me to just grab when needed.

I don't know about you guys, but I use things more if they are out where I can see them.

Jen @ said...

That is really creative! I love the holders you have for your appliances!

Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project's hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge -- The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!



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