Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recovering a Mini Ironing Board Tuturial

I picked up a mini Ironing Board the other day from a local thrift shop for 3 bucks! But...I decided I wanted to recover it. It was just a dingy, dingy, shiny light blue (I know, how can it be dingy and shiny at the same time?!). 
I wanted something....uh....cleaner...haha.

So this is how I did it. It is pretty simple really. I took the old cover off and flattened it out on my fabric that I was going to use. I traced it with a pencil and cut it.


I then used an overcast stitch around the edges. You can also just zig-zag.

Then I used some heavy duty thread, which the only color I happened to have was brown, but that was fine, since it won't really be seen. I just ran a long running stitch by hand all the way around the edge.

Then I centered my ironing board with the original foam onto the fabric and pulled the thread gently to gather the edge in.

Like this! Then I tied the thread in a couple knots at the end.

Another photo - closer up.

Ta-da!! All covered! Now its cute! I like it.....

My kitty, Zoe, likes it too! And no, the iron isn't on. She just loved to lay on Ironing Boards and roll around on them.



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