Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Day with the "kids"!

I started something new.
I am trying to have an "Art Day" with my niece and nephews at least once a month.
Yes its not like their little kids...but 11, 15, 17, & 26 year olds still know how to have fun...with arts & crafts!

Todays agenda:
-Jolly Rancher Lollipops
-Find it/Eye Spy Bottle Game
-Impromptu Halloween Costume

Now let me explain it all....

Here is what is left of the Jolly Rancher Lollipops. I found the recipe at The Decorated Cookie.
We baked ours for 7 minutes (instead of 6) @ 275 degrees. Let them cool for about 10 before wrapping them.
"It's so tasty TOO! Just like candy!"
(where does this quote come from?? come on, old tv show)

Here is our Impromptu Cheese Halloween Costume. My nephew said he has always wanted to be a piece of cheese for Halloween.
So....we had a half hour left...with 4 people (my self, newphew, niece, & sister)....we whipped up a piece of "orange swiss cheese....with a mouse" (the requirements of an 11 year old)
Not too bad, I have to cost $2.15.
I had most of the items...just had to get some yellow poster board. We would of painted it but we were on a time crunch.
We hot glued everything...and I used yellow bias tape for the glued of course!
Didn't have time to make a used a cat toy instead.

Here are our Find it/Eye Spy bottle games that we made!
Found the instructions here @ Pink & Green Mama.
I dyed the rice the night before since it had to dry overnight...the instructions are here at the same place.
They selected what they wanted in their bottles.
We used:
buttons, saftey pins, fish toys, q-tips, dice, pennies, erasers, rhinestones, beads, feathers, scraps of fabric, fake flowers, mini clothespins, pom poms, and sea shells.

We made lists and took photos of the items before putting them in the bottles with the rice and hot glued the covers on.
Great travel game and sitting on the couch with friends game.

You can just search for the items, or give yourself 60 seconds to see how much you find, or find everything in one color, or find things alphabetically.
So many ways!

FINALLY....we made Slime, or Goo, or Gak, or Obleck, or "Silly Putty"
Whatever you want to call was FUN!

All it is:
food coloring

It was like a science experiment.

It worked a lot better when you poured a little corn starch...a little water....few drops of food coloring....then add more if needed. We mixed it all in ziplock bags then put in seal able containers.

Beware...its kinda messy...but easy to clean up. Wipes up...vacuums up too.

Its a solid AND a liquid! HOW COOL?!

They had a ball and couldn't get over it. ( either! shhh)
Can you tell from the photos???

Ahhh....what a FUN day!
Now to plan next months activities!



Colette said...

Hey! These look really good! And the pictures actually came out pretty good too! Not too bad for snapping away... ;-)

Fallan said...

You left me a comment!!!
Yea they turned out pretty good! You can tell they had fun! =) Thanks for taking photos.

Colette said...

Why do the comments look funky?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking my kid and having fun........while I had to work :( Looks like fun. Wish I could have been there. Maybe on the next holiday I can join in on the fun :)

Fallan said...

They don't look funky to me.

And "Anonymous"...of can join in anytime! He told me that he liked starting early so we can fit in a lot of things in one day. While the others like sleeping in too much...haha.


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