Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quilted Bench Runner....

Good Morning!!

So I got a new big bed a couple weeks ago, and while we were at "the mattress store", we overheard the "mattress man" tell another customer that you shouldn't sit on the edge of the bed for long periods of time because there is some metal rod or frame that is in the mattress and you can bend it out of shape. I am not sure how much truth there is to this....but, I'll do whatever to try to take care of my fancy new big bed to help it last as long as it can in good shape.

Sooooo........don't worry! I'm getting to the point of this post!

We decided we needed some sort of bench for the end of the bed. Well...they are pretty pricey and I still have other things I want to get to "complete" our bedroom.

So I searched around....willing to get creative. There aren't very many furniture stores around here....but I did go to one (the last place I looked)...and they had some nice ones, that weren't in my price range, BUT.....they did have a couple kitchen table benches that had "defects"...and they were willing to sell cheap. So that's what I got! Oh and the defect was nothing but a scuffed up corner, that you can barely tell without anyone telling you about it.

Then I decided I needed some baskets for underneath and something cushy on top to sit on. So for now...I decided to make a quilted table runner with extra batting to make it thick and cushy. This is my 4th quilted project ever!.....So it isn't perfect....but I still like it. I have the darnest time with binding. I have a friend that gave me a couple boxes of scrap fabric and that is what I used, in greens, blues, creams, and browns. Not too bad....for my 4th project like this. I'll get the hang of it someday. It took me about....3 1/2 hours last night to make it.

My kitty, Zoe, just had to get in on the photos. She wanted to model, I guess....haha.

She wasnt movin'.

I really like the colors! The nice thing about this is solid wood, and for the price, I wouldn't feel bad about sanding it and staining it or painting it later on. And yes my baskets are empty at the moment....I just put them there yesterday. Got to find something to put in them! OH....and I also put some of that grippy stuff that you put under a rug so that it doesn't move. I put some under the runner, so it stays in place. =)

(PS: I just noticed that the runner looks shorter on one end in all the photos....I didn't notice until I was working on this blog, that I didnt have the runner put on evenly. Opps! get the idea. I just went and fixed it, but I'm not re-taking photos and re-editing them and re-doing this post.)



Lisa said...

This is really pretty! I love the colors! And your cat is super cute : )

Fallan said...

Haha...thanks! She always tries to sneak in photos!


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